Walking In The Future

Walking In The Future

Cyanide Records

Oscar Barila & Damian Rausch, Lesny Deep, Pinto, Jeff Fader

Release date
April 17, 2020


Cyanide Records

Afro house, Deep house, Detroit, Disco house, House

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One year after his successful ep with Sebb Junior, “Sync Spirit”, Oscar Barila comes back to his own label Cyanide. This time, he is accompanied by his good friend Damian Rausch, an amazing German producer with releases on great labels like Apparel, Gents & Dandy, House Cooking or Cyanide itself.

Both have produced “Walking In The Future”, a timeless deep house jewel, full of soul and groove. From the very first time you listen to this track you will feel like in a paradise island, with the breeze in your face and a mojito in your hand. The ep is completed with a pack of solid remixes by 3 heavy weights of the current house scene.

Lesny Deep adds his genuine Detroit house touch and his magic melodies that go straight to your soul. Jeff Fader goes darker and more underground with his stunning Afro Dub mix. Last but not least, Pinto adds tons of groove and crunchy minimal percussions, with the perfect mix for the most exigent dance floors. This ep is fire!

Title Duration
1 Oscar Barila & Damian Rausch - Walking In The Future (Original Mix) 06:18
2 Oscar Barila & Damian Rausch - Walking In The Future (Lesny Deep Remix) 06:57
3 Oscar Barila & Damian Rausch - Walking In The Future (Jeff Fader Afro Dub) 07:40
4 Oscar Barila & Damian Rausch - Walking In The Future (Pinto Remix) 07:12

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